Welcome to AMCS Inc.

Leaders in Data Center Cleaning and Maintenance

Prevent business disruptions and financial loss by improving equipment reliability. Advanced Mission Critical Services (AMCS Inc.) ensures that your sensitive IT areas are free from contaminates and conditions that contribute to unexpected and costly downtime.

Advanced Mission Critical Services Inc. (AMCS Inc.) specializes in precision cleaning techniques that protect sensitive technological environments. Such as:

  • Data centers,
  • Server rooms, ISPs,
  • Network Control Rooms,
  • UPS Rooms,
  • Computer Rooms,
  • Raised Floor Areas,
  • Dispatch Areas
  • or any other critical Technology Facilities

Whether you are in need of an initial cleaning and/or a scalable maintenance program, AMCS Inc.  have the experts to assess your cleaning needs and recommend a program that meets your specific cleaning requirements and budget

Why Clean?

Almost 80% of downtime comes from dust.

Normal janitorial cleaning methods and equipment will do more harm than good to a Data Center or Server Room. The unique nature of Data Centers (load demands, special equipment and capabilities of maintaining precise levels of cleanliness, temperature and humidity control) highlight the reason special attention is given to these critical environments.
Reduce risk of downtime and errors with our anti-static cleaning programs and reporting services.

Hardware manufacturers such as CISCO, HP,EMC & DELL require their equipment to be housed in a clean environment to standard ISO14644/8 and may deem warranties void if Data Centres AND Server Rooms are not properly cleaned and decontaminated.

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